Answer the questions;

1Why did Dr Grant and his assistant fly the helicopter?

2.What kind of weather was when they moved down the hill?

3.Was the majority of the island tropical?

4.Were there any buildings among the plantings?

5.Why was Grant astonished?

6.Why was Genarro speachless?

3. Fill in: staring; extent; perfect; trunk; curving; awesome; moved; considered;

1. The animals were ____________ Apatosaurus, medium-size sauropods.

2. To the south, rising above Grant saw a single_________ with no leaves at all, just a big ________ stump.

3. They were all _____________ at the animal above trees.

4. They _________ lower, out of the mist, and now he could see the full ________ of the island, stretching to the south.

5. The _______ power of the new genetic technology, which he had formerly considered to be just so many words in an overwrought sales pitch- the power suddenly, became car to him.

The Witch of Blackbird Pond
by Elizabeth George Speare

On a morning in mid-April, 1687, the brigantine Dolphin left the open sea, sailed briskly across the Sound to the wide of the Connecticut River and into Saybrook harbor. Kit Tyler had been on the forecastle deck since daybreak, standing close to the rail, staring hungrily at the first sight of land for five weeks.

“ There’s Connecticut Colony,” a voice spoke in her ear.” You’ve come a long way to see it.”

She looked up, surprised and flattered. On the whole long voyage the captain’s son had spoken scarcely a dozen words to her. She had noticed him often, his thin wiry figure swinging easily hand over hand up the rigging, his sandy, sun-bleached head bent over a coil of rope. Nathaniel Eaton, first mate, but his mother called him Nat. Now, seeing him so close beside her, she was surprised that, for all he looked so slight, the top of her head barely reached his shoulder.

“ How does it look to you?” he questioned.

Kit hesitated. She didn’t want to admit how disappointing she found this first glimpse of America. The black line of shore surrounding the gray harbor was a disheartening contrast to the shimmering green and white that fringed the turquoise bay of Barbados which was her home. The earthen wall of the fortification that faced the river was bare and ugly, and the houses beyond were no more than plain wooden boxes.

“ Is that Wethersfield?” she inquired instead.

“Oh, no, Wethersfield is some way up the river. This is the port of Saybrook. Home to us Eatons. There’s my father’s shipyard, just beyond the dock.”

She could just make out the row of unimpressive shacks and the flash of raw new lumber. Her smile was admiring from pure relief. At least this grim place was not her destination, and surely the colony at Wethersfield would prove more inviting.

“We’ve made good time this year,” Nat went on. ‘It’s been a fair passage, hasn’t it?”

“Oh, yes,” she sparkled. “ Though I’m glad now ‘tis over.”

“Aye,” he agreed. “ I never know myself which is best, the setting out or the coming back to harbor. Ever been on a ship before?”

“ Just the little pinnaces in the islands. I’ve sailed on those all my life.”

He nodded, “that’s where you learned to keep your balance.”

So he had noticed! To her pride, she had proved to be a natural sailor.


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